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Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd: A Trailblazing Journey In Export & Manufacturing

Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd: A Trailblazing Journey In Export & Manufacturing

Since its inception in 2006, Adventure Rocks Private Limited has been carving an impressive niche in the export and manufacturing domain. Founded by Mr. Manish Shami, with Mrs. Jyoti Shami at the helm as the Managing Director and Chief Executive, this company has exemplified innovation, quality, and growth in its endeavors.

Vision and Mission

At Adventure Rocks, the vision goes beyond mere business; it’s about fostering a culture of excellence, adventure, and reliability in every product and service offered. The mission is clear - to deliver exceptional quality while meeting the diverse needs of clients across the globe.

Diverse Business Verticals

What sets Adventure Rocks apart is its multifaceted approach. While excelling as an exporter and manufacturer, the company seamlessly operates as a wholesaler, trader, retailer, service provider, and supplier. This versatility ensures a comprehensive service spectrum, catering to various industry requirements.

Commitment to Quality

The company's commitment to quality is evident through its adherence to stringent standards and certifications. With a PAN number of N-021889700115566 (ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NO.) and a legal status as a Limited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.), Adventure Rocks upholds industry norms, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness in every transaction.

Global Reach and Local Impact

Adventure Rocks isn’t just about global exports; it's deeply rooted in its local presence. The registered address in New Delhi, India, serves as a testament to its local impact and commitment to the community.

People-Centric Approach

The backbone of Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd is its workforce - a team of 11 to 25 individuals dedicated to the company's growth and success. The company prioritizes its employees, fostering an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Financial Strength and Growth Trajectory

Despite the ever-evolving market dynamics, Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd has showcased resilience and steady growth. With an annual turnover between Rs. 1 - 2 Crore, the company has sustained and thrived in a competitive landscape.

Digital Footprint

Embracing the digital age, Adventure Rocks has established a robust online presence across various social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, the company actively engages its audience, showcasing its products, initiatives, and industry insights.

Looking Ahead

As Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd continues to evolve, its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. With a forward-thinking approach and a dedication to excellence, the company is poised for continued success and expansion in both local and global markets.

Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd's Diverse Products and Services

  • Climbing Wall: Crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, our climbing walls offer a thrilling experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Sturdy construction and varied designs ensure an exciting ascent every time.
  • Climbing Holds: From basic to advanced, our range of climbing holds provides the perfect grip and challenge for climbers. Designed for safety and durability, these holds cater to diverse climbing setups.
  • Zorbing Ball: Experience the adrenaline rush with our zorbing balls, offering an exhilarating rolling adventure. Designed for fun and safety, these inflatable spheres ensure an enjoyable ride for participants.
  • Rope Course: Our rope courses are meticulously crafted to provide an engaging and challenging experience. Designed for both recreational and training purposes, these courses guarantee a thrilling adventure while prioritizing safety.
  • Zip Line: Explore the excitement of soaring through the air with our zip line setups. Engineered for safety and thrills, these setups promise an unforgettable aerial journey for adventurers.
  • Kids Climbing Wall: Specially designed for younger climbers, our kids' climbing walls provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to the world of climbing. Colorful and secure, these walls encourage exploration and physical activity.
  • Zip Cycling: Combining the thrill of zip lining with cycling, our zip cycling setups offer a unique and adventurous experience. Perfect for adventure enthusiasts seeking a new twist to traditional zip lining.
  • Inflatable Games & Motor Games: Our range of inflatable games and motor games caters to various preferences. From inflatable obstacle courses to motorized challenges, these games ensure entertainment and engagement.
  • Swimming Pool: Our swimming pool setups are designed for both leisure and fitness. Whether for relaxation or aquatic activities, our pools are built to meet safety standards and provide a refreshing experience.
  • Trampoline: Explore the joy of bouncing and acrobatics with our trampolines. Engineered for safety and durability, these trampolines offer a thrilling experience for users of all ages.
  • 360° Cycle: Experience a unique cycling adventure with our 360° cycle setups. Providing a novel way to ride, these cycles guarantee an exciting and unforgettable experience.
  • Table Game: Our range of table games offers indoor entertainment for all ages. From classic favorites to innovative designs, these games ensure hours of fun and interaction.


Adventure Rocks Pvt Ltd, led by Mr. Manish Shami and Mrs. Jyoti Shami, epitomizes innovation and quality in adventure equipment. With a diverse product line and unwavering commitment to excellence, the company redefines adventure. Balancing local impact with global outreach, it sets new benchmarks. The vision? To pioneer adventure experiences while fostering a culture of reliability and innovation. As the company forges ahead, its legacy of quality, innovation, and customer-centricity continues to soar.

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