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The entry level course which can be configured in numerous layouts to fit your space. The poles form an equilateral triangle, square or rectangular and we currently have courses designed from 3 to more poles. Elements are installed between each pole. Once your ropes course has been constructed, provided you have the space, additional poles and elements can be added at a later date in order to increase the capacity to meet high demand.
The single level is ideally suited to operators looking to offer an introductory ropes adventure experience. They appeal to the whole family or group, even those with younger children. The entry level ropes course can fit into buildings with a relatively low ceiling height.  This makes them ideal for indoor play centers as they can be installed around existing equipment or above a seating area enabling operators to take advantage of unused space. Also it can accompanied with other playground equipments.




1.type  2.size  3.color  4.Play Activities


High strength steel, Wood - Pine , Bangkirai, Lauan, PP rope, Static rope

Standard feature

1.Steel climbing stair
2.Elements or ropes activities
3.Appropriate amount of harnesses for kids or adults.
4.Appropriate amount of Lanyards.
5.Appropriate amount of Triple Step Karabiners.
6.Operator training video or manuals
7.Platform height – Customized or designed as per your site’s height by us


1.Customerized color for steel frame
2.Yellow or Orange static rope
3.Sun shades
4.Additional PPE
5.Installation Guide at your site
6.Operator trainer training at your site
7.Maintenance and inspection training at JP Development after 1 year of course operation

Delivery time

15 -30work days

Payment terms

T/T 30% deposit before production, 70% balance upon the copy of B/L

Package details

EPE Foam, wood box


1 year on steel frame


1.Business Plan;  2.Concept plan or design ; 3.Production
4.Installation Video/Manual; 5.Training Manual ;6.Maintenance & Inspection Manual


CE & ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 , ISO 18001:2007


1. High Strength steel frame;
2. Low investment, High capacity and throughput,
3. Continuous safety belay track system;   
4. Proven safety record;   
5. Interchangeable elements:  
6. Expandability:  
7. Competitive and interesting:    
8. Site Flexibility:





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